Inspections/Quality Control

We as an organization following Principles and practices as per ISO 9001 company since 1999 and have quite mature systems and manufacturing processes in place. We nonetheless strive for continuous improvements and endeavor to achieve a better quality of products and better efficiency by using the latest on the front of technology and Quality control systems.

We are always challenged on the Quality front by our customers and to satisfy our customers we have a history of taking up some of the most stringent Quality Assurance Plans and executing the same with internationally renowned Third Party Inspection Authorities conducting the same.

Some of our Quality Assurance Plan is beyond the requirements of Standard Specifications and are considered to be Industry benchmarks that are yet to be met by many. All this is thanks to our R & D Team.

Hydro Testing Facility

We have a "State of The Art" Hydro and Air Testing Facility to Check the soundness of Castings and also for final testing of Valves.

NDT Facility

We have In-House State Of The Art “Non-Destructive Testing Facilities” which including Radiography Viewing Facility, Ultrasonic Testing Facility, Magnetic Particle Testing Facility, Dye Penetrant Testing Facility with ASNT Qualified Man Power and ASNT Approved Procedures.

Paint Testing Facility

We have an In-House Paint Shop with Surface Preparation Equipment, DFT Meter, and Adhesive Testing procedures and equipment to cater to the specific painting needs of our customers.

Special Tools and Fixture for Dimensional Checks

We have a “STATE OF THE ART” Facility for checking various dimensions of Valves including the parallelism and angular measurements of Flanges.

Some of our Quality Achievements Beyond Engineering Specifications include

  1. Vacuum Helium Leak Test For Hard Seated Valves i.e. Gate Valves, Globe Valves, & Swing Check Valves wherein we have achieved leakage rates of less than 1* 10-7 using the HOOD Method of testing.

  2. 100% Radiography Quality Valves of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy like Monel.

  3. Hard Seated Valves for larger sizes like 600mm NB Gate Valves & Globe Valves tested for zero leakage.

  4. 100% Chemical Composition Check, Hardness Check, Surface Finish Check on all metal overlayed trim components.

✔️ All the calibration requirements are regularly met.

We have a history of around 25 years of Zero Complain on the Quality front from our clients.

Our three Generations' old relationship with our clients is also a testament to our consistency in quality and our capacity to adjust to the changing needs of our esteemed clients.

Our Comprehensive and exhaustive Internal Quality Control System is considered to be Benchmark by many process plants across India. Contact us!